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KI Sound & Light provide a complete range of Audio and Visual equipment hire including, sound, lighting, stages and effects in Essex, each tailored specifically to suit you, by taking into account all of your requirements for your event and the venue specifications. KI Sound & Light have provided Audio and Visual solutions across the United Kingdom, including live events and installs in some of the most prestige venues in Essex, London and Kent…..

Recent News

Co2 Ice Gun’s

The CO2 Gun is a handheld gun which can blast white cryogenic fog plumes. The CO2 Gun is a new...

P3 Video Wall Arrives At KI

*Now In Hire Stock* 3mm video wall panels suited for all occasions, big or small. Novastar Processing for quick and...

Equinox Spark Steam
Equinox Spark Steam
Equinox Spark Stream Machines

Coming Soon.. The Spark Stream is a unique type of spark machine that projects cold sparks that will not catch...