Antari Snow Machines

Antari Snow Machines

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KI Sound & Light now stock Antari s-500 snow machines in hire stock. These machines are one of the most adaptable snow machine on the market.

See What Antari Say About This Unit 

Meet Antari’s latest snow machine: The S-500. Its main body and 20-Liter fluid tank are placed inside a road case with wheels.

The nozzle is connected by a 10-Meter long hose and it can be easily rigged on a standard truss or tripod stand. Air and snow fluids are delivered to nozzle via the 10-Meter hose. Users can adjust the air volume and fluid flow rate to get the right snow effects needed, from fine snow to blizzards.

The functions of S-500L are exactly same as S-500. The only two differences between S-500L and S-500 are S-500L comes with 20-Meter hose in a larger case. The “L” of S-500L stands for “Large”.



●  Optional PM-1 pan motor with 120 degrees pan to increase coverage area

●  Blower built into flight case keep noise level at minimum

●  Extreme high output

●  Adjustable snowflake size

●  Road case for outdoor operation and provide extra protection