60″ Samsung Smart TV

60″ Samsung Smart TV - £450 Per Week

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However, this doesn’t mean that because it is new technology that it cant compare. The Samsung TV allows viewers to do things besides the basics of watching television.

The Samsung Smart TV has taken the television and has made it into something unlike any other product out there. The main feature includes gesture control. A simple gesture is all it takes to access favorite movies, sports, apps and other Smart Content. Watchers can forget the remote and use their hands to control TV functions by swiping to navigate and grabbing to select. Now, the Samsung Smart TV comes with apps. There are hundreds of downloadable apps that download directly to the tv. Another main feature the television offers is the option to upgrade the TV with the Evolution Kit.

Soon you will be able to update your Smart TV every year with the latest technology. Samsung’s Evolution kit upgrades your Smart Evolution enabled TV without having to replace the whole set. With Increased processor speed, more functions and additional content, your TV will never be the same again.