light Processor Zip 6

light Processor Zip 6 - £10 Per Week

Categories: Lighting, Lighting Control

The Zip 6 has six faders and outputs 24 channels of DMX. The Zip 6 can ‘grab’ and store scenes consisting of all the output channels. These are replayed using the faders in ‘sub-master’ mode, so six submaster memory locations. Chases and sequences of scenes can also be easily programmed using the cool blue backlit LCD display and menu options.

There are Preset/Chase Master, Grab Master, Desk Black-out and channel flash controls. Variable fades from 0 to 25 seconds can be used across all functions. DMX output is via standard 5-pin XLR – all models simultaneously output 0-10v DC analogue through standard 8-pin DIN connectors.

The desk may also be used to replay a ‘stack’ of scenes in true theatre style with either automatic or manual fade.