Starcloth BWS Cold White LED’S

Starcloth BWS Cold White LED’S - £50 - £100 Per Week

Categories: Drape/Starcloth

There’s nothing like starcloth to bring some magic to an event. Our starcloths are hand made in the UK from the highest

quality Black Serge Wool and filled with our unique, optimised lighting system. This system boasts 12 light sources per

m2 (single colour cloth), using Ultra-Bright, wide angle LEDs for exceptional luminescence. Being fully DMX compatible or

manual mode control, our cloths are intelligent, versatile, easy to setup and are very durable.

10ft x 10ft / 3m x 3m – £50 Per Week
15ft x 15ft / 4.5m x 4.5m – £60 Per Week
10ft x 20ft / 3m x 6m – £75 Per Week
16ft x 24ft / 4.8m x 7.3m – £100 Per Week
3ft x 20ft / 0.9m x 6m – £50 Per Week
5ft x 20ft / 1.5m x 6m – £50 Per Week
40ft x 4ft / 12.1m x 1.2m – £75 Per Week

Digital 3 Channel DMX Controller – £20 Per Week