Starcloth BWS RGB LED’S

Starcloth BWS RGB LED’S - £50 - £100 Per Week

Categories: Drape/Starcloth

Once completed they are filled with our unique, optimised lighting and control system which boasts 9 light sources per m2 while delivering the same quality found in the White LED cloths,

High quality RGB LEDS allow full colour manipulation across the spectrum with our multi channel system.

10ft x 10ft / 3m x 3m – £50 Per Week
15ft x 15ft / 4.5m x 4.5m – £60 Per Week
10ft x 20ft / 3m x 6m – £75 Per Week
16ft x 24ft / 4.8m x 7.3m – £100 Per Week
3ft x 20ft / 0.9m x 6m – £50 Per Week
5ft x 20ft / 1.5m x 6m – £50 Per Week
40ft x 4ft / 12.1m x 1.2m – £75 Per Week