Zero 88 Jester 24/48

Zero 88 Jester 24/48 - £50 Per Week

Categories: Lighting, Lighting Control

The Jester 24/48 offers users a set of powerful programming and playback tools in one economical and easy to use lighting console. It provides direct control of up to 48 DMX channels using either a traditional theatre playback stack or using sub masters. Functions such as channel, cue stack and sub master data can all be viewed using the monitor, and a LCD screen provides the user with information needed to operate the console. This allows it to be used without an additional monitor.

You can back up your important lighting shows that have been created on the Jester 24/48 via the USB port. It also has a DMX-in port which allows the console to be used as a back-up for other consoles. The user can take a snap shot of a full 512 channels of DMX into sub masters or the memory stack. The Jester 24/48 has three modes. A Wide Mode allows for a  48 channel operation, with an internal scene store for preset operation. Another of these channels is Run Mode. This gives the user full access to all the fader channels on the consol, which allows live changes to be made to specials instantly. MIDI can be used to trigger channels or sub masters. A sound to light jack allows for chases to be sequenced with music. Chases can be recorded into the memory stack or directly into sub masters. A remote input jack allows any button on the front panel to be pressed from a remote control.