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Chelmsford Indoor Retail Market

KI Sound & Light worked hand in hand with Chelmsford City Council to completely overhaul and upgrade their public announcement system as the old system had become unreliable and outdated.

This major upgrade included:

  • Speakers throughout the indoor retail market for background music and public announcements.
  • Multi Zone audio, to allow the customer to play different audio in different sections of the venue.
  • DAB & FM radio
  • USB & AUX connections for complete freedom of music choice.
  • Public address microphone
  • One central control point

This installation was completed on a very tight schedule to ensure that it would not hold up any of trade during their major redesign and refit.



The Warren Estate – Sound System Installation

KI sound & Light worked with The Warren Estate to design, install and maintain their in-house sound system, which would provide Public announcements and music for all of their functions inside and outside of the venue.


Church of St Mary the Virgin Sound System

We worked hand in hand with the Church of St Mary the Virgin to update their PA System. Their previous installation made it very hard for a  congregation to hear what was being said, the older radio microphones kept loosing signal and the audio processing was generally outdated.

With our wealth of experience and knowledge, we recommend equipment that would combat all of the issues that the client was having. Once we installed the new sound system it exceeded expectations of the client and remains rock solid throughout their day to day use.

The system included:

  • Full complement of APART speakers to cover the entire church
  • Cloud Mixer Amplifier
  • Remote volume control for all zones
  • Sennheiser Wireless Lapel Microphones
  • Sennheiser Wireless Handheld Microphones
  • Sennheiser Direction Antennas
  • Remote USB/CD/SD card player
  • Test & service existing hearing induction loop


Maidens Barn Custom Starcloth

We was Approached by this wedding venue with the idea of creating a stunning backdrop backdrop.

The venue at the time had an unsightly curtain to divide a space but what they envisioned was a stylish starlit backdrop turning a plain wall in something of a feature.

We immediately got to work in building this beautiful Starcloth which boasts 12 LED’s per m2. Its a real statement piece!