Site Visits

We can arrange site visits at the customers convenience to assess the size of the venue and to discuss requirements including audience size, budget and power available.

Health and safety documentation

We can supply you with all the relevant health and safety documents required including risk assessments and RAMS documents, as well as providing SWL’s for rigging and lifting equipment. Our knowledgeable staff means that you are able to relax and know that you are in capable hands.


Fully insured

You can rest assured knowing that we are fully insured and have readily available copies of our insurance and public liability documents.

Visualisations of the finished product

We understand that when planning an event, you may find it useful to have an image to help you decide the best layout for lighting, effects, rigging and staging. With our inhouse pre visualisation software we are able to make up real time visualization of live shows.
Featuring realism and speed we can allow you to preview lighting, pyrotechnics and effects, as well as giving you an overall vision of your live event. Not happy with the layout? We can easily move things around to suit you. Pre visualisation is a great tool to use if you need to pitch an idea to a client, giving them a more realistic idea of what their event is going to look like.

Calculating power requirements and distribution

We can calculate the amount of power required from each piece of equipment and provide the correct amount of cable required to power the entire event. We also work alongside generator companies, and have a vast knowledge of power distribution solutions. We stock a large range of power distribution units, meaning you always have enough power to keep your event running smoothly from start to finish.

Pyrotechnics, effects and confetti

We are main dealers for a wide range of pyrotechnics, effects and confetti and can cater to the client’s desired theme. We are often able to get pyrotechnics on a short turnaround and can also provide the correct safety equipment whilst also adhering to correct rules and regulations. Pyrotechnics, smoke, haze and confetti cannons are great ways to get the crowd involved and excited.

Professional sound, lighting and effects

We have a large range of professional products in stock and ready to go. From powerful beam lights to a fine mist haze machine to confetti bursts, we really do have it all! We can’t wait for you to see what a difference having professional products and services will make to your event!


We have the equipment required to carry out sound level readings to ensure we are complying with rules and regulations regarding sound levels.

Microphone licensing

We have the skills and knowledge needed to be able to provide our customers with the information and licences needed to run certain channels and frequencies on wireless microphones.

Expert advice

Our friendly, helpful and approachable staff are on hand to provide you with expert advice relating to anything and everything involved with the events industry!

Choose The Right Company

Intrusting your event requirements to a company can be somewhat daunting. But you can rest assured our experienced team will work with you every step of the way to ensure your event is a success.