Smoke & Haze Machine Hire Essex

Smoke & Haze Machine Hire Essex

Haze and smoke over the years have been used in events to maximize the effects of lighting and lighting beams. In the old days with fixed lighting fixtures the haze or smoke created a nice effect and was somewhat important to create the atmosphere and improve the light effect. In recent years where moving lights are used throughout most events, the effect created by the smoke or haze is so much more pronounced and outstanding and the moving light beam can be much more visible.

Whether you are having a small burst of smoke to highlight a movement on stage, or you want to bring your light show to life with some haze. We have professional smoke & haze effects machines can really make your event stand out from the crowd.

We shock all major brands including, Martin Jem, Look Solutions, MDG, Chauvet and Antari.

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Low Fog Machines

Low-lying fog machines create a thick cover of fog that hovers just above ground level. Unlike traditional fog machines, the white clouds generated from low-lying fog machines do not rise nor disperse. As a result, they are capable of tweaking the ambiance in a space without infringing on guests' visibility.

All of our low fog machine run without dry ice and use an internal cooling chamber to ensure the fog stays on the ground and also reduces the risk of freeze burns, leaks and toxic substances.

Smoke Fog Machines

Haze Machines

Low Fog Machines


Where Can I Use A Smoke or Haze Machine?
Smoke & Haze machines can be used indoors and outdoors. However if the machine is being used indoors, please check with the venue if they have provisions in place to accommodate the use of a smoke / Haze machine.
Is it hazardous ?
Our most popular machines use water based fluids which greatly reduce the hazards of using these effects. However we do stock machines that will used oil based fluid and relevant instruction and training will be provided.
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